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Sunday, June 06, 2004


so it begins

well, training for 2x2 started yesterday. Quite an interesting group of seminarians. Regardless of who I get paired with it will be an interesting time. I can't quit looking at each person (besides Ryan, who besides being the only other guy is also from my seminary, so there's really no chance of us getting paired up) and wondering which one I will be paired with. 6 weeks in a midsized car is quite a long time to be in such close quarters... granted the driving occurs on weekends and during the week we will be in the freedom of the large open camp spaces... but I imagine that the people reading this will understand what I'm getting at. So yes, I am unsure as to whether I will have the same kind of internet access that I am accustomed to much beyond this point, as I do have to finish packing and moving out of my room... Which isn't moving along quite as I would like, but it is getting there. I will have to buckle down and just finish it sometime soon. There really isn't a whole lot left to pack, it is just spread out helter skelter all over my room. Then comes the task of cleaning and vacuuming and all that wonderful stuff which I am definitely NOT looking forward to.
Anyway, I need sleep and I think I'm getting carpal tunnel in my left arm.
Or perhaps I am being hypochondriacal.. if that's even a word.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


no excuses

i could blame the fact that i have not blogged in a while on the fact that i have a lot going on with moving and my summer job and family issues... but the fact of the matter is i spend too much darn time sitting on my butt in front of my computer to make that a feasible excuse. the only one that really works is that i'm lazy. too lazy to take the time to sit for the five minutes that it takes to type out what has been going on, or even a lame attempt at a theological insight.
but indeed a lot has been going on lately in the life of this church nerd. i just recently accepted a position on the "two by two" staff, a program sponsored by all eight elca seminaries where they send four groups of two seminarians to various outdoor ministries and church camps. the idea is that we act as seminary representatives and talk to people about issues of discernment and vocation, and encourage people to think about going to seminary. so for six weeks this summer i will be travelling to various and sundry parts of the united states, which i have yet to find out exactly where they are, with someone from another seminary who i have not yet met. six weeks in close quarters with a complete stranger is something i'm not quite sure about, but the entire experience should be awesome. i will try to write and keep people updated as to what i experience and see and do and who i meet. should provide for interesting blogs. much more interesting than the past month, obviously!
so as i sit here in my room and survey the piles of things that need sorted and the many, many things that need to be packed away i realize i have quite the task ahead of me. and as much as i hope to be done by june 5th, i fear that might be an unachievable goal, especially at my rate of motivation and drive. too much tv and fatty foods have made me gross and fat and lazy. well... maybe the lazy part. some might argue the gross part. but i think it is safe to say that anyone who knows me would disagree with the fat part. except perhaps between my ears. they might agree with that.
so until a later time, i bid you all adieu.


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