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Sunday, March 07, 2004


donuts and bishops

A couple of friends from school and I decided that tonight was a good night to drive to a nearby town for Krispy Kremes as a way to procrastinate homework, and also because fresh Krispy Kreme donuts are divine. And by using divine I mean "supremely good or beautiful; magnificent" not the alternative meaning of "having the nature of or being a deity." Because to truly worship donuts would just be silliness. So it was on the way to this nearby town, and it is a bit of a drive, that we were listening to NPR. They announced that the Reverend V. Gene Robinson was installed as Bishop Coadjutor of the New Hampshire Diocese of the Episcopal church. He was elected about six months ago and was installed today. I know it's Lent, so I'm not supposed to, but I'm going to step out on a line and say "Alleluia!!!" This has been a touchy subject lately, many people think that it will end in a division of the church (speaking from an ELCA vantage point, anyway) and I, for one, believe this to be an awesome step in the right direction. I have met so many gifted people who are unable to become ordained pastors in the church because they are homosexual and choose to be in a relationship. On the one hand we have people lamenting because of the pastor shortage, how there aren't enough ordained ministers to fill the open parishes, but then there is this population of gifted and amazing people that they won't allow to be ordained. It's a horrible tragedy. So congratulations V. Gene Robinson. You have my support.

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