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Saturday, March 20, 2004


i've returned

so i haven't posted on this blog in a while, and there is probably no one to notice or to mourn my absence. however, i've decided to not let that stop me from returning to post some more. there is no real reason for my absence. it's not like i've been super busy or kidnapped or comatose or anything like that. simply just didn't think of it, and when i did i either wasn't at the computer or didn't have the energy/imagination needed to write a post. but now i'm waiting to go to my friend's birthday party in about 50 minutes, and i can't bring myself to do anything constructive so i thought i'd write something.
so i found out that i will be spending the next year of my life in good ol' [editor's note: to assume some sort of anonymity, the exact location has been removed] - the childhood home of [former president]. fun exciting times. i will not be the first intern from my seminary at this church, however i will be the first non-second career seminarian intern there. the youngest by almost twenty years, at least as far back as the last five years. so i will be a big change from what they're used to.
in other news, i went to therapy the other day. the psychological kind. i'm not sociopathic or psychopathic or anything exciting like that. merely poor self image/esteem. so i'm going to work on my feelings of inadequacy and fun stuff like that. on one hand, i feel weird broadcasting that on something as public as the internet. on the other hand, i'm not scared because i think i might be the only person who reads this. and besides, there's nothing wrong with going to therapy. i think everyone could benefit from it, and just because you go to therapy does not make you a bad person. there. now i've spoken in defense of my brothas and sistahs who go to therapy. i've done my duty.
i also might run for co-president of the student body for my senior year of seminary (the year after i get back from internship). the last few years the elections have just been a joke because we haven't had more than one option on either (co)president or vice-president. so my friend mike and i decided we'd make it an election this year and throw our names into the ballot as co-prezes. although we're not too sure we want it. and we're not sure how people will react to two males running together, rather than the traditional male/female team. the feminists might be angry. but there is nothing in the student handbook and guidelines that says you need gender equity and balance in the presidency. and it's not like just because neither mike or i are women that we will not listen to or advocate for the women-folk, or womyn (if that's your cup of tea...). we are both fairly liberated men. i mean i work on the feminist issues newsletter for our seminary (which doesn't prove anything, but i AM one of the few men on the staff).
anyway, i've spent 12 minutes of the 50 that i had before the birthday party of my friend. so i've at least managed to partially fulfill the goal that i set out towards when i began typing this entry. maybe i will be more faithful in my blogging attempts after this. who knows.
thanks for (not) reading.

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