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Friday, March 26, 2004


jesus is cool

Jesus is like the cool new fad... have you noticed? i mean with mel gibson's passion movie, and now there are all these other ones popping up all over, Jesus action figures, Jesus t-shirts, i even have one that says "Jesus is my homeboy." it's getting bigger than wwjd was back in the day. Jesus has made a triumphant entry into american kitsch culture. let's all wave our palm branches and shout hosannah for the arrival of our messiah, the buddy christ. i appreciate kitsch as much as anyone (i already said i have the "Jesus is my homeboy" shirt) but sometimes i wonder when too much is too much. when does Jesus lose his relevance and become just like one of the super friends? or is it a good thing that a culture that seems often diametrically opposed to the morals and values espoused by the Church are grasping and celebrating Jesus, even in a kitschy manner? it's a tough call. i wish i knew the answer. i hope that this is a sign of a deeper desire to actually be in a relationship with Jesus. i'd like to think that this kitschy Jesus could be an entry point for people into a valid and real relationship. so maybe i'll just stay in my hopeful (if a bit naive) optimism, and give people the benefit of the doubt. if for no other reason than it could serve as an entry point into a discussion, and maybe that will lead to the the desire for a real relationship...

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