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Monday, March 08, 2004


my plant is stunted

It was May of last year, about graduation time, and a friend of mine who had graduated from seminary gave me a cutting of a plant in a little plastic water cup. So I diligently watered it, and kept it in the sun. When it began there were three big leaves that pretty much made up the whole plant. Sometime after I got it it sprouted another leaf, but then it seemed to just stop. I kept it in the little cup for awhile, but then I thought maybe it was root bound and that was why it wasn't growing anymore. So I got a bigger pot that already had some dirt in it, and I cut away the plastic cup and tried to loosen up the roots, but it turns out there was really just one long stringy root. It didn't seem root bound at all. But I figured that I was already mid-process so I would keep going. So I dug a little hole in the soil of the bigger pot and nestled the plant into it and covered up its root. I watered it a lot, it seems to like water. Since then there has been a new leaf offshoot that looks like its coming, but it is taking forever to fully emerge. I'm wondering if perhaps the pot is too big for the small plant. But I don't know if I should subject the poor plant to another repotting, and I don't really have a plethora of pots in my dorm room. The only other one is about the same size as the current pot. Maybe the plant needs a name. Maybe the plant is struggling because it doesn't have a sense of identity. Hmm... And I can't just randomly think of a name. It has to fit the plant. This will take some pondering.

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