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Monday, March 22, 2004


on the road to the white house

okay, not exactly the white house, but my friend mike and i decided to go ahead and put our names in to run for seminary co-presidents for sure. we needed 17 signatures to get nominated, and i ended up getting us 31. just to see how many i could get, the extra don't really do anything special for us. there are other people running for co-presidents, one duo is for sure, the other is still unsure. i wouldn't be surprised if the other duo wins because they are a male/female team. but i'm not going to be heartbroken if i'm not elected. in fact, i think it might be a relief if i'm not. but then why am i running? i don't know. that's a good question. i know that mike and i would do a good job if we were elected, and we would give it our best, but do i really want all of that responsibility for my senior year.
you know, it would be nice if life decisions were easy. can i just say that?
oh, so i have an update on my plant. i decided to name her sophia. not only is it Greek for "wisdom" (hey, look at the title... i readily admit i'm a church nerd) but it is also that kooky old woman from the golden girls. and she seems to be doing better. her new leaf has sprouted and the other day at the store i bought these little fertilizer spikes to stick down in the soil. so i put those in yesterday and watered her again. we'll see if there are any improvements soon. i'll keep you updated, because i know you are on the edge of your seats with anticipation.

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