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Thursday, March 25, 2004


theology pub

I just got back from a local pub in town, and met with a wonderful woman who is a pastor of a church in seattle. it is often labeled as a "postmodern" church, but she feels that the church can't be labeled as "" she believes the church (as do i... it's in the creed, yo) to be holy and apostolic but neither modern nor postmodern. her church serves in the postmodern context. it's a storefront church, with an internet lounge, art gallery, tea bar, with church services on saturday. they have a house church format, with small groups meeting in various places throughout the week, and then "all group" worship on saturday. she just said some very inspiring things tonight, especially about this whole homosexual "issue." she said with her, and her church, it is not an issue. do you love jesus? then you're welcome, regardless of your sexual/gender orientation. that's the whole deal. we get so caught up in issues, these tiny little things that divide us, and we let them divide us, and we forget the bigger picture. hey... we love jesus. who cares if i'm gay or straight, lutheran, presbyterian, catholic, episcopalian, assembly of god... whatever... shouldn't we focus more on what unites us (JESUS) than what divides us? the website for her church is and like i said i'm not the most tech/web savvie person you've ever met, but i'll try to figure out how to put it in the links, again. i had it figured out once before, but then i thought i'd be stylish and change the template and i lost all the websites i linked to and all of the blogs i linked. so never again, regardless of how much i may despise this template after a while, it's staying the way it is. until i'm so famous that i can hire someone to be in charge of my blog. then it will be pretty.

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