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Wednesday, April 07, 2004


i want a famous face

so mtv has this new tv show called "i want a famous face" and basically all they do is pick a young person in their upper teens/lower twenties and then they get plastic surgery to look like someone famous. like these twin boys got tons of surgery done on their face to look like brad pitt. or a girl got a boob job to look like britney spears. or this transexual got surgery so he could look like jennifer lopez. and just the things they say pre-surgery broke my heart. especially the twins, they just kept saying things like "as soon as i get this surgery done, things will start to come together for me." they thought that there was something so wrong with the way they looked before, and everything would be solved if they could just get rid of their physical flaws. and it showed them post-surgery and they were talking about how they were going to get all of the girls, they were going to get acting jobs, and their life would now be perfect, and one of them goes to talk to the girl he's had a crush on and she doesn't feel any differently. sure he looks better, she said, but that doesn't mean she's going to like him differently. does it say something about our society that we have all of these make over shows? whether it be "what not to wear" or "i want a famous face" or "a makeover story" or "extreme makeover" and people are getting plastic surgery more often than they go to a dentist! are we, as a society, relaying the message that people aren't somehow complete or whole or desirable or loved or authentic or valid unless they fit into this tiny little box of what is considered attractive or beautiful or handsome? the image people strive for is just a hollywood-ized, airbrushed, computer altered image. and we see this packaged, altered, colored image and this is what people strive to be like. it's sad, and it makes me angry. i see such wonderful people feeling somehow less than or incomplete or faulty because they don't fit this image and no matter how much they work out or how much they don't eat or how much make up they cake on or how much they spend for the right clothes and hair cut, they just don't attain this image they think they have to have. and i don't know how to fight it. i don't know how to say "f*** you and your fascist beauty standards!" in a way that will get anyone to listen and to pay attention. i hate to say it, but i actually like that christina aguilera song "beautiful" because it speaks out against this very crap. people are beautiful because God created them that way. i just wish everyone was able to grasp that and really hold on to it and own it. because it's true.

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