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Friday, April 09, 2004


i was in the presence of fame

so some friends and i drove to iowa city to the mall there, as something to do with all of our easter break free time yesterday. we spent the larger part of the day down there, and ended up eating both lunch and dinner there. well, we ate dinner at an old chicago that we found, and since two out of the four of us had never eaten at one before, we decided to eat there. so my friends and i walk in, and as we're sitting down my friend melissa needs to go use the restroom. i was kind of upset because there weren't that many people there when we walked in, and of course they sit us right across from this other table where three fraternity types were sitting. well, my friend melissa needed to go use the restroom, so she left before we even sat down. i ended up sitting across from the two who'd never eaten at an old chicago, and as we're sitting there i hear one of the guys at the table next to us say "inferno." now that might not spark interest in many people, although i am an admitted mtv junkie. i usually have it on in my room if for nothing else than background noise. but i hear the word inferno, and turn and notice that i am sitting by no other than Mike from Real World: New York and Alton from Real World:Las Vegas. And they had another friend there who I didn't recognize. And they were talking about the Inferno which is the latest Real World/Road Rules challenge on MTV.
so needless to say, i was kind of excited because i can't think of when i've ever been around anyone remotely famous other than the governor of nebraska way back in the third grade. so at this point i was wishing i had a camera so that i could get a picture and prove to all of my other friends that i actually saw these two. and of course the two friends across the table don't have televisions in their room, and when they do watch TV it's not mtv, so they have no idea what i'm talking about. thank goodness my friend melissa is another person who watches mtv and so as soon as i see her coming back from the bathroom i get up and walk over and tell her.
well, to make a long story short and uneventful, we didn't say anything to them because they were eating and i didn't want to be or look like another crazy fan. i mean, they ARE just people. and the waitresses were drooling all over them. it was sad. so we ate our calzones and left. but now i do have this story to share with others about how i have, indeed, been in the presence of fame. even if it is mtv fame.

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