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Wednesday, April 28, 2004


left behind

so i finally decided i felt like venturing from my room to see what is going on in the outside world. a little cabin fever. but i do believe the rapture has occurred and i, unfortunately, have been left behind. no one is around, which is an odd occurrence here in the dorm. no one was watching tv in the lounge, although the lights were on and a friend's nalgene water bottle and keys were there. none of my neighbors are home, and there is a deadly silence in the building.
i guess i've always had this fear that the rapture would actually turn out to be more than Biblical misinterpretation and actually occur, leaving me behind to face the rest of the end times on my own. some sort of consequence for all of my shortcomings and sinful ways. and now, here i am, facing the end times and i haven't even read any of the "left behind" series to know how to effectively cope. the antichrist and the four horsemen of the apocalypse are going to come rampaging any time now and no amount of hiding or cowering will save my wretched life. i have, however, heard the dc talk song "i wish we'd all been ready" (actually, it's not their song... isn't it a cover of a larry norman song?) but that doesn't really give us anyway to prepare for being left behind, it just puts to words the regrets that must go through someone's mind when they're sitting around enjoying some coffee with a friend, and suddenly they're alone...
oh, well, a friend just came to the door... so obviously that stuff about the rapture was just babble... or maybe a side effect of the plague. bacteria eating away at my brain or something. oh well...

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