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Wednesday, April 28, 2004


some updates

so i was looking over past posts, and i feel like i need to post some updates just to let all of my faithful reader(s) know what has been going on.
1. my plant: Sophia is doing well. the fertilizer seems to have helped, she has a number of new leaves and looks like she's getting another. it must be her adolescent growth spurt.
2. elections: my friend mike and i were NOT elected co-presidents. the male/female duo i suspected would win ended up winning. however, no one ran for vice-president, and mike and i were the number one write in candidates. so we accepted that position. there is no salary, our work is all pro bono, but it's resume fodder and i get to be helpful. so it all works out, doesn't it?
3. i haven't made any recent additions to my blog to make it cooler. it would require actually coming to my blog (which by the gaps in dates you can tell i haven't been here). i have not seen anything that would add to the overall blog experience, either, so that's another reason i haven't added anything. mission: make blog cooler is still in full effect, however.
4. i preached my last sermon for my preaching class. i think i did good, the professor had some good things to say about my abilities and progression, which is always good to hear. the other students said some nice stuff, i always like compliments. if you have any, feel free to leave them in the guestbook or forum (links at the bottom!)
5. i haven't seen anymore famous people, although another student here was interviewed for a story that was published in the northeast iowa synodical insert for the lutheran magazine, so he's kinda famous... anyway...
there, you are updated and i will now go back to not thinking. my brain hurts.

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