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Saturday, September 11, 2004


am i heartless?

I agree that what happened on September 11th three years ago was horrible. Lots of people died, even more people lost loved ones, our sense of security as a nation was shattered. It was the most tragic and horrifying things to happen on American soil. But that's just it... it was the most tragic and horrifying thing to happen on AMERICAN soil. Nations and countries and cities and people in other parts of the world suffer and die and fight and starve and kill. In many parts of the world what we experienced on one day is similar to their experience everyday. So we mourn the loss of our loved ones, which is appropriate. We remember the heroes, those who gave their lives and those who managed to hold on to them, and that is appropriate, too. But it seems as if many people believe that it should be a world day of mourning. But please excuse the Palestinian woman who lost who whole family in the fight against Israel... please excuse the Rwandan child who has only known destruction and genocide... please excuse the man in Haiti whose days are marked by death and AIDS and violent rebel groups... please excuse them if they can't find the time to stop and mourn the affects of violence and terrorism in America. I'm sure you'll understand.
(wow... that sounds bitter and heartless... really i am a compassionate person, and i do mourn the loss of lives because of the actions of terrorists on september 11, 2001... but i don't think that those losses are anymore significant or terrible than the losses that occur any other day in any number of places throughout the world, that don't find their place on the front page of US newspapers...)

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