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Friday, September 10, 2004


the dilemma that is [in] my life

okay, so here's the deal... i live in a big house all by myself. i love animals. it would be neat to have a pet to share this big house with. i like both dogs and cats. a cat would be much easier to take care of, as they are more self-sufficient (usually). there is an animal shelther not too far from my house (they have cute cats, i saw on Petfinder. i am unaware if the nearby animal shelter has the foster pet program, like the humane society does. but here is my dilemma anyway... it would be easy to get a pet for a year, the house i am living in allows pets. i could easily take care of a cat. but what happens if i fall in love with this animal and want to keep him/her forever and ever and ever? the policy at seminary is that if you started seminary without a pet you are not allowed to acquire one and still remain in campus housing. so basically if i get a pet and decide to keep it, i will not be allowed to move back to school. thath would be tough. as i mentioned in a previous post i am a hypersocial person. anyone who knows me knows that it would be hard for me to not be in the center of things back at school. i would not do well in off campus housing. i love having the ability to drop by a friends house by just walking several feet. i love being able to look out of my window and see the field, and know if there is anything going on outside that i want to participate in.
so, it would be easy to say don't get a cat. if it's going to cause that much of a problem back at seminary, then just suck it up and live in that big house by yourself (except for the person in the furnace room, of course). But decisions are never that easy for me, plus that doesn't solve the problem of wanting a pet right now. AND it doesn't help that i've checked out pictures of some of the kitties and seen how dang cute they are.

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