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Sunday, September 26, 2004


God talk

okay, so the very night after I finished typing out my experiences at the leadership conference, I had a dream. Now, you tell me what it means:
It appears that I was at some other conference, not entirely sure what it was about, but we were living in some communal retreat center type thing. I woke up in the morning and decided to go to the kitchen to get breakfast. I opted for a bowl of cereal, specifically Special K, the kind that comes with the dried strawberry bits in it. Well, instead of a toy or anything, each box of Special K with strawberry bits had a copy of some newsletter in it. So I took it out of the box and looked it over, and lo and behold the front page article was a letter from Nameless-intern from the story. She had written to express how thankful she was that I was present at the conference and able to lend a hand, because I was always so helpful. On the cover was also a picture of me participating in some praise band, although there was no praise band and i was not a member of a praise band at the conference. So needless to say I felt horrible. I finished eating the cereal, stuffed the newsletter back in the box, and pretended to not have noticed that it was there. I then went back to my room and finished getting ready. I came back a little later to the kitchen to find Nameless-intern eating a bowl of cereal. I came and sat down, looked at her bowl and clearly saw it was a bowl of Special K with strawberry bits. "Oh," i say "Are those cornflakes?" "No," she replies. "It's Special K. Have you eaten breakfast yet? Are you hungry?" Clearly she wanted me to have a bowl and read the article. Well, I remember that ate another bowl, but I don't remember the interaction between the two of us at that point. I do, however, remember later on sitting in the kitchen and talking with some friends about the letter and they are telling me that I should drive to where Nameless-intern is on internship and tell her. In real life this wouldn't be much of a drive. So I agree that it's a good idea, and get in my car and begin my drive. However, no too far away I notice my mom and dad getting out of the car in some parking lot. I pull over to talk to them, and tell them where I am going. "Oh," my dad says "That's a good 10-11 hour drive." "Oh..." I say. "Probably not the best idea, then." "No, probably not." replies my mom. So I get back in the car and drive home, deciding it's not worth the effort to thank nameless-intern for her kind words.
So that was my dream. Was God trying to tell me something? Hmm...

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