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Friday, September 03, 2004


a long delinquency ended

wow... talk about being absent... well, needless to say the summer has ended, 2x2 is over and done, i have successfully packed and moved out of my room (minus a small fee for a carpet stain), and i have moved on in my life to my year of pastoral internship...
so now i am sitting in my office at almost 9 on a friday night (something i would have mocked myself for when i was at seminary) trying to continue my saga ala blogspot.
well, we'll start with 2x2: i was assigned the western route and along with my partner kathleen we visited Rainbow Trail near Colorado Springs; Sky Ranch near Fort Collins, Colorado; Flathead near Kalispell, Montana; Lutherwood in Bellingham, Washington; Holden Village in Washington, and finally Upper Missouri Ministries near Epping, North Dakota. so that was a lot of driving, but in some amazing parts of the country.
after that experience, i visited family in various parts of the country out east (ohio and maryland to be specific) and then travelled back to the grand ol' midwest for my year of internship. fun exciting times. i have been at my parish for about a week now, officially, so that means about 47 left to go. while that seems like quite some time (actually, not that long, really) i'm sure it will go too swiftly.
in other news, i managed to find some time to read in the midst of all of that travel... and here is a list of recommended reading
Lamb, the Gospel According to Biff, Jesus' Childhood Pal, by Christopher Moore
& The Gospel According to The Simpsons, by someone who i cannot remember at this time. both were interesting (to say the least) and occasionally enlightening. now i will quit pretending that anyone is actually reading this, and go back to the parsonage to sit in silence because the cable company cannot come to my house until this coming thursday... drat.
for more fun reading, please visit or the yahoo group for GTNG (Gathering the Next Generation... it's Episcopal)...

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