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Sunday, September 05, 2004


a sad day in the life of me...

back when i lived at seminary i would have laughed mercilessly at the me of today... you see, i am a very social person. perhaps i could even use the word hypersocial, if there is such a one. i was seldom in my room, most likely i could be found either at someone else's house/apartment/dormitory or outside interacting with the seminary youth. now i find myself in a parsonage, alone, spending a lot of my free time in the office at the church either working or checking my e-mail and hopelessly waiting for one of my friends to log on to msn messenger so we can communicate. perhaps it will be good for me. i will learn how to spend time with myself. on the plus side, i have gotten a lot of reading done. on the negative side, i think i may be going crazy. i've come up with this weird notion that someone else is living in my house with me, although i've never seen them. i'm sure they spend most of their time down in the furnace room because i don't go down there very often. which during the day works as a funny little joke, but at night when it's dark and the house makes funny noises becomes a much more scary and eerie proposition. perhaps i should set some milk and cookies down there as a peace offering, with a note that says "you can live in my furnace room as long as you don't hurt me. help yourself to the canned vegetables." see, i need community. it keeps me sane... or at least a little closer to sanity than i'm functioning right now.

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