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Friday, September 10, 2004


true confessions of a bored intern who SHOULD be working...

so i'm looking over past entries, and realizing that nothing really exciting happens in my life. and i ask myself "self, if nothing exciting happens in your life, and all of your blog entries are about the absolute nothing that goes on in your life (other than the possible transient who you've locked in your furnace room) how do you expect anyone to read these entries and then say to you 'you should really think about writing a book' or 'wow... what an amazing and exciting life you live. i'm extremely jealous of your wicked mad life' or even 'nice socks'?" because truth be told, i would be happy even if someone complimented my socks.
but nothing exciting happens, so really i would just have to make up horrible lies to make my life seem interesting. like a radical arm of greenpeace asking me to join them to take down a baby seal clubbing organization... or the Pope called me up because he was on his way to nearby Polo, Illinois because it seems the Virgin Mary decided to reveal herself in a tortilla and he needed someplace to kick his feet up... or how about a squirrel with three eyes that lives in the pine tree in my back yard, that would definitely be cool.
but stuff like that doesn't happen to me, and the most exciting thing that does is that i get cable hooked up, so instead of reading and trying to stimulate myself intellectually i sit in front of the boob tube and watch the Real World or the Surreal Life (although i'm not sure if this is the current season i just saw, but Charo is on it, and she cracks me up... she was on the Love Boat something like forty five times... uncle joey from full house is on it, too. he's kind of a big loser, but unfortunately one of the coolest people on that show... hmmm....)
now you see my dilemma? instead of writing about the cool and exciting things i'm doing, i'm proving how sad i am by writing about charo and uncle joey on the surreal life... man... and i wonder why i have no friends!!!
anyway, until i have something else boring and mundane to write about, i will return to work.

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