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Monday, October 25, 2004


100th visitor blog party

So, following a friends suggestion, I decided to throw a party here at the colony after our 100th logged visitor. It was a great time. People came from all over to celebrate the accomplishments and the ground breaking work of this blog. Here we have a picture of a bunch of the distinguished guests socializing.

blogparty Posted by Hello

Those of you who know me know that I love and appreciate children, so no party would be complete without activities for the young ones. Here is a picture of them enjoying themselves at the 100th visitor blog party.

chitluns Posted by Hello

We even had some top-of-the-line entertainment. Bernie Heimerschein brought his polka band "Sexual Polka" and played some hardcore polka music for all the guests.

blogpartypolka Posted by Hello

We even had some random flight attendants show up to help us party hard. I'm not sure who they are, or what airline they work for, but we invited them to stay and party anyway!!

flightattendants Posted by Hello

And do not worry. We did, indeed, have the requisite drunk people dancing on tables. I'd like to say that it happened towards the end of the evening, but these two proved that they could not hold their liquor at all. This was five minutes into the party.

drunks Posted by Hello

We even had Billy Bob who worked at Showbiz Pizza before it became Chuck E. Cheese's. He was fine most of the evening but then he, too, had too much to drink and started ranting about losing his job to a rat and then he became a traffic hazard. A drunk traffic hazard.

billybob Posted by Hello

This guy was the first one to pass out. So we scribbled on his face with permanent marker. It was funny.

marker Posted by Hello

So that was my 100th visitor Blog Party... It was a great time. Be watching for invitations to our 200th visitor Blog Party. It will be even better! I promise!!!

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