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Sunday, October 10, 2004



In our contemporary worship service, both supervising-pastor and i like to sing in the contemporary band. This leads to some needed creativity during communinion distribution, which we do every weekend, since the band sings during distribution. So what we've decided is that the pastor-type that is preaching that week is in charge of communion preparation and distribution. Because I'm not ordained and don't have magic hands, yet, there is no question about the whole Words of Institution. So today I didn't preach, and I was having an off day, anyway, having issues remembering what I was supposed to do and all that. Well, supervising was back behind the altar after communion, and he finishes up with all of that. I'm right at the bottom of the three stairs that lead down from the altar area, with the rest of the band. I turn, look at supervising, and mouth "is it my turn?" he nods. I turn back to the congregation and begin the whole benediction, say something along the lines of "May God, the Father, + Son and Holy Spirit watch over your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever more," I do the little cross in the air and then I get ready to sing the closing song. Supervising says "How about we do the post-communion blessing first." I become embarrassed. "Did I skip that?" I ask. "Yes." the pastor says. "I am SO sorry!" I mutter, the congregation titters with laughter. I lead the congregation in the post-communion blessing. I look back at the pastor. "Do you want to do the closing blessing now?" The pastor asks. "Can I really?" I ask. The congregation chuckles. So I do it again, and this time I stress the "from THIS time forth and forevermore." Then we sing the closing songs, the pastor and I recess, and I let out a sort of "I can't believe I did that" sigh. Although on the plus side people were more vocal about their appreciation of me. Lots of compliments, one woman told me her jr high/high school aged children really love my sermons. What about you? I thought, but I didn't press the issue. So, it wasn't bad. I didn't trip and fall or spill the blood of Christ, or hit a really bad note while singing loudly or anything like that. It was an easily forgivable mistake. But embarrassing.
Anyway, I have to get stuff ready to leave for the internship cluster meeting I have coming up for the next two days. It will be fun and exciting and I'm sure I will have some fun stories to share, that at least a few of my readers will enjoy... At least I'll try... although I will NOT be kicking anyone. I repeat, I will NOT be kicking anyone. Unless you want to slip me a Benjamin... It's all about the Benjamin's baby.*

*for those of my readers who are not ghetto or gangsta, "Benjamin" refers to a $100 bill which features the face of our forefather Benjamin Franklin.

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