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Sunday, October 31, 2004


comedy of errors

Well, here is my regular weekly post-Sunday entry where I tell the world all the blunders and mistakes I made during worship. Although this weekend, my supervising pastor seemed to chip in his fair share, as well.
It was Youth Sunday, and unlike most other Youth Sundays we did not completely hand the service over to the youth. We thought there needed to be some sort of pomp and circumstance because it was Reformation Day AND Bible Sunday (where we gave Bible's to second graders) AND reception of new members. So Supervising and I were still in charge of a lot of stuff, i.e. liturgy, preaching... basically everything the pastor is normally expected to do. The youth were ushers, crucifer, Bible bearer, readers, communion assistants, acolytes... all that fun stuff.
So, Supervising was supposed to hand out Bibles at each service during announcements when he would call all the second graders that were present forward. Well, Saturday evening service, he totally forgot, and I think the youth that were there just ended up taking theirs out of the box they were sitting in in the narthex.
He also forgot to announce the stewardship temple talk we had scheduled during announcements, so we stuck that in after the opening hymn (this time it was a proecessional hymn... I like processions). I think that may have been the only blunders during the Saturday service...
At the 8:00 service we went through announcements and temple talks and passing out the Bibles, and Pastor remembered all of that. Then we processed forward and pastor and I walk to our respective sides of the altar, when I realize I didn't have my microphone on. So I walk over, behind the altar as if I somehow thought that would hide me from the congregation, and tell him that I forgot my microphone. He tells me to go back and get it, and while I'm back there, to turn on a couple switches of lights that had been left off. So I scramble back and turn on the lights and grab my microphone and finally make it back up to the altar in time to chant the liturgy.
Then I had to do Children's Sermon... there was no blunder there. I just wanted to announce that I did it. It was fun. Although the 9 year old of the family that we were welcoming into membership (I wrote a post about this family earlier... I don't remember what it was called, but he's the one that has the fun antagonistic relationship with me) walks from his pew all the way to the front with this strut and look on his face like he was going to cause trouble. After the Children's Sermon he used me as a crutch to get up. The congregation enjoyed the dynamics between the two of us. There was a lot of chuckling/
So after the sermon, we're singing "The Church's One Foundation" although it was printed in the bulletin "The Church Is One Foundation" and supervising announced it that way at the Saturday service... And after the post-sermon hymn is when the non-preaching pastor (which would be me) is supposed to go and invite the congregation to say the Apostle's Creed and then pass the peace. So it's the last verse of the song and I'm getting ready to go over, when Supervising comes up to me and tells me that we're welcoming new members and the Creed and the Peace are included in there, so I don't need to worry about that... Thanks for telling me 10 seconds before I was supposed to do it!! But it was no big deal. So we were only welcoming one family into membership, and they were called forward and then we did the Affirmation of Baptism service for new members.. and then we passed the peace and the family went back to their seats, and right there on the altar was their certificate of membership, which is where it stayed for the rest of the day. Supervising forgot to give it to them.
Well, at the beginning of the 10:30 contemporary service, I was up front singing and realized I didn't have my cordless mic on, so during the first lesson I had to run back to the library/changing room and get my microphone. One of the high school girls that sings in the band was back there too and she made fun of me because I do that a lot.
At the Saturday service there is a guy who always gives me a good natured hard time when I mess up on something. We always joke about it, and laugh... I even will ask him if he doesn't mention anything. I'll say "What?!? I didn't mess up this time?" Well, this weekend he came out and pointed out to me how Supervising had messed up. I said I appreciated it much more when we pointed out Supervising's mistakes. People laughed.
Well... those are the blunders I can think of today. Not nearly as mamy as were included in The Tales of a Blundering Intern... although I'm sure I'll make up for the lack of personal blunders next weekend or sometime soon.
But for now, I am hungry. So I am going to go and eat something.

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