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Sunday, October 17, 2004


knock knock

So this past summer I travelled to different Lutheran church camps as a part of the "Two by Two" program (referring to when Jesus sent the disciples out two by two, not the animals coming onto the ark... Easy to get those mixed up...). I got the opportunity to meet a lot of cool people and see some cool places (Flathead in Montana and Holden Village in Washington are definitely two of my favorites!!) and I got to have some great conversations with people who were trying to figure out where God is calling them. But one of the side benefits was being able to perfect my "Interrupting" jokes. A friend from Youth Ministry Certification School came up with one or two along the lines of the "Interrupting Cow" joke, and I've taken them and made them my own. I have interrupting gecko, starfish, praying mantis, wood tick, among others. Well, at a camp in North Dakota these jokes became the hit of the week and a group of campers I sat with at lunch a lot kept trying to get me to come up with more. Well, one girl suggested "Interrupting Sloth" and so I made it up and everyone loved it. Of course it takes several minutes for the sloth to interrupt, so you say "Knock knock" and they reply "Who's there?" and you say "Interrupting Sloth" and they say "Interrupting sloth who?" Now in most interrupting jokes, say for instance the cow, you'd interrupt them so they'd say "Interrupti-" and you'd say "MOO!" before they finished. Well, since sloths are slow it takes several minutes, so they finish saying "Interrupting sloth" and you're still in the process of reaching over to interrupt them... Anyway, it's much funnier in person. But I've included a picture of me performing the interrupting sloth joke with the high school girl that suggested it. I did my repertoire of interrupting jokes for the talent show that week. Oh, and in the picture, she's laughing. Not yawning.

interrupting sloth Posted by Hello

p.s. And if you're wondering, the girl on the left side of the picture is one of the three girls I upstaged during the talent show... Now it wasn't my fault. I signed up with my talent being "stupid jokes." These three girls signed up with the talent "dumb jokes." So the staff member thought that we could all just get up and do them together. I said it was up to the girls. They were okay with it. Well, when it was our turn we get up and I tell them they can just do all their jokes and then I'll go. They say no, we're taking turns. So they do dumb jokes like "Knock knock, who's there, Dwayne, dwayne who, dwayne the tub i'm dwowning." and they receive minimal crowd response. Then it's my turn and I do one stupid interrupting joke and the kids explode with laughter. Then each girl tells a joke to minimal crowd response and I tell an interrupting joke and the kids explode with laughter. Lather, rinse, repeat. I felt bad, really. I enjoyed being the center of attention, of course, but not at their expense. Anyway... it's over and done with. Although I did use the girl on the left for my interrupting wood tick joke, so at least she, out of the three of them, was included in a joke that received a lot of laughs...

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