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Friday, October 29, 2004



Well... I have already received my first new responsibility for when our youth director leaves (her last day is november 7th for those of you who care)... I will be in charge of the Sunday night youth Bible study. Now, what I think I'm going to do - this is something i've thought about for quite some time, even before I knew I'd be in charge of a youth Bible study on internship - is read and discuss the lectionary readings for the next week with the kids. I think the youth would have great insights and be able to point out things that I might take for granted. And if I have to preach that following weekend, I can tell them that they'll have to listen to see if anything they said winds up in the sermon. I'm proud of myself!
In other news, I spent my last four bucks on a pumpkin. My wallet is empty (luckily my bank account is not). I was coming back from hospital visits and buying some root beer, and I spotted two of the high school girls staffing out church's pumpkin patch. So I pulled into the garage and walked over to them and talked with them for a bit. There were a few pumpkins that were kinda gross and getting soggy, so I said I was going to go over and kick them. Well, I was still wearing good church clothes so I didn't want to kick too hard. Anyway, that really doesn't have much to do with the story at hand. So they asked me if I had bought a pumpkin yet, and I said no. So they were giving me a hard time for not supporting the youth or whatever. I asked how much the pumpkins were, and they said $4 and I said I probably didn't even have that much money in my wallet, but I'd check so I pull out my wallet and wouldn't you know it - exactly $4. So I picked out a pumpkin... I made a comment about how I liked the tall skinny ones better and they commented about how it must be because they look like me... and so I picked a tall skinny one. So as I was taking the pumpkin over to my front step, one of the girls says I should get a marker, draw an ugly face on it, and name it after the other girl who was helping her sell pumpkins. I said if I did that, then all of the animals that like to frolic in my backyard would be scared away.
Now I kind of have a headache. And I have to go to work tomorrow to get some stuff done. I miss my three day weekends from seminary, and waking up on a Sunday and telling myself that I didn't HAVE to go to church... *sigh*... those were the days.

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