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Saturday, October 16, 2004


a trail of carnage and destruction

So I wrote a post a while back about how Illinois drivers seem to aim for small, furry creatures. I stand behind that comment 100%. Everytime I take my car out for a drive, it's like driving through a battlefield. Little broken and bloody corpses are strewn about. Too many squirrels and opossums have given their life in this war... I'm thinking about getting like a furry ribbon to put on my car that says "support our wildlife" or something like that. Okay, probably not really, because I'd get lynched. But it would be funny. It would be made of faux fur, of course, because in the process of defending the lives of these animals I wouldn't want to take one to decorate my car...
So I think my kitchen decided to self-destruct the other day. I had the window open and when I went to close it, it wouldn't, but the little cranker started to separate from the windowsill. I could still open the window, just not shut it. And the weather has been getting cold lately. Well, then my fridge decided to take a whizz all over the floor. And I am not mechanically inclined in the least, so I was afraid to look at it, for fear that I would cause more damage. So I wiped it up. Well, then it whizzed again. Not immediately afterwards, though, so it wasn't like it was purposely trying to spite me. But then I told supervising-pastor and he came over and helped me fix them both. Now I just remember not to open that window, and if the refrigerator whizzes again it's probably because the little tube for the ice maker has become unattached. So two problems solved in a relatively short time. Oh, and when he was in my house he said "Wow, it actually almost looks like a real house." I would have been indignant, but I think the same thing a lot. So I just nodded and said "Uh huh."
Anyway, gotta get ready for the worship service tonight. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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