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Sunday, November 07, 2004


explanation of absence

So, I'm sure some of you are wondering where the pictures for the 200th visitor blog party are... Well, they have not reached the blog due to a lack of motivation. I have just been busy with a lot of things at work, and outside of the scheduled work schedule, and so when I have had the time it would take to sit down and post all of the pictures I have, I'd much rather just sit down and breathe. And I really don't have the time right now because I'm getting ready to go to the ordination of a friend. I'm excited because I'm getting to vest for it. Although I won't wear an alb like all the ordained types will, I'll wear my alb and process in and sit with all the cool rostered types. I've never participated in an ordination from that position before. I'm excited. After church today my pastor asked if I wanted to vest or if I just wanted to go and sit with the congregation. I said I didn't know it was an option, I thought I had to sit with the congregation as I am not yet ordained. But he said no, I could vest. So that's cool. And my alb is in the dryer right now. It had a stain on it, that occured when my Lutheran Book of Worshipe met my belt buckle, with the alb in between. Some of the green from the LBW transferred onto my alb. So I had to wash it. Now it's drying. That's the usual order in the process of laundry-doing.
Well, I don't hear the dryer anymore... So I should go check it out.
So take care and keep on truckin'!

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