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Thursday, November 11, 2004


i'm venting, here

Okay, so two things happened today that seem to happen a lot. And I know I really shouldn't let them get to me, but they do. They are both small things, but they happen enough that they've moved past annoying.
1. I'll start with this one because it pisses me off less than the other one. It has to do with my phone. I've gotten to the point where I don't answer my phone right away, because it's usually always telemarketers. If I answer the phone, 95% of the time it's someone wanting to sell me something. Occasionally someone leaves a message, at which point I will answer the phone. Although there have been times that I don't answer the phone, and the people don't leave a message, only to hear that someone over at the church was trying to get a hold of me. So, really this one is actually just kind of annoying. And now that I've typed it out, and thought about it, it seems really kind of trivial. But it's enough to make me say bad words at the phone.
2. This one has to do with hospital visits. The hospital in town has a front desk that is staffed with volunteers. The majority of these volunteers are older, retired women. Almost every time I come in and ask to see the clergy list (the sheet of paper where it lists all of the patients who listed a denomination when they checked in) they make some comment about how young I look. One woman just stared at me blankly until the second volunteer woman said "HE NEEDS THE CLERGY SHEET!" The first woman snapped out of her fog and said something along of the lines of that's what she thought I had said, but I just seemed so young, at which point the two had a conversation about whether or not I looked old enough to be a pastor as if I were not standing right there. The more often I've come to the hospital the less this has happened, although today I came to see if any members were hospitalized and there were again two volunteers at the desk. One was an older man who I've talked to before and who knows that I'm an intern pastor and is very friendly and we'll chat whenever I come. He told the other woman what I needed, and as I was looking at the sheet I could see the woman staring at my nametag. Then she loudly exclaims "YOU'RE a pastor?!?" I just smiled and said "I'm an intern pastor." She looked at me weird. "I'm a student pastor." I said to clarify for her. "Oh, I was going to say! You look like a college student." I just ignored that comment, although I could have said something like "Well, you look like a sun dried tomato." or "I'd rather look like a college student than a wrinkled old bat." or "Bite me, you nasty hag." But I refrained, and actually didn't think of any of those things until just now. So at this point, asking for the clergy list at the hospital front desk has become as about as enjoyable as wiping my ass with sandpaper.
Anyway, I'm done now. And I'm hungry. And I ran out of root beer, so it's borderline tragedy right now. So I'm just going to go and drink some chocolate milk, which is better for me in the long run, and wallow in my youthful good looks.

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