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Monday, November 01, 2004


tuesdays with Marky, chapter 2

So tomorrow morning is a Lutheran Men in Mission breakfast morning. Now, i shouldn't complain because chances are I'll get a free breakfast out of the deal, and it gives me a chance to get to know some of the older gentlemen of the congregation. But it IS ungodly early [by ungodly i do not mean "Not revering God, impious" or "sinful; wicked" but more "outrageous"] and God knows I do enjoy my sleep. But I never seem to get myself to bed at a decent hour. I always find so much stuff to do, like laundry (which I NEED to do right now because I just remembered my sheets are in the washing machine... poopy). Plus I'm hoping that more of the men than just "Tom" are there, because as pleasant as that last breakfast surprisingly turned out to be it would be nice to get to know some of the other guys. So we'll see. Chances are I might have something to add to chapter 2 after breakfast tomorrow.
Then we have the text study tomorrow morning, which is fun. Except for one of the other pastors is kind of... oh... this isn't the best word to describe him, but uptight. Always in a suit and tie, always thinks he needs to talk a lot... Doesn't share a sense of humor that the rest of us seem to have. And then, on days when I'm quiet, he'll make comments like "Thanks for sharing your pearls of wisdom" or "Keep your insights to yourself until you write your sermon, and then share it with me." Things like that. He usually doesn't stay as long as the rest of us, so it's not that big of a deal. [Putting my shallow attempts at niceness and diplomacy aside, I think he's a raging numb nuts... Ok, I'm done]
So, tomorrow is the big day for most people... Unless you've already sent in an absentee ballot. Hopefully tomorrow will mark the change of a regime. And although I really really really don't like George Bush... Sometimes I think Kerry's face looks fake, and that frightens me. Do you think if/when he's elected he'll get up to do his big acceptance speech and rip off his face and reveal that he's really Narvolaax the Malevolent from Planet X and he's here to take over our world and make us slaves for his peoples' dandelion farms (dandelions are essential for the survival of the citizens of Planet X, but due to over-development and pollution the dandelions are now extremely rare, and they need the not so destroyed environment of the earth to provide the necessary amounts of dandelions for the people of Planet X to survive...)? Chances are probably not, but it is still something I think about.
In other news, when I checked a couple of minutes ago the count was up to 181 registered visitors... So the party is about ready to happen. I bet you all can't wait. Now, I don't want to give too much away, but I heard that you can expect visits from RuPaul AND the Power Rangers... I know you're excited.
Anyway, that's enough babbling for me for a few hours. So good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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