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Saturday, December 11, 2004


blue suede shoes

I wanted a new pair of shoes. And I wanted a new pair of those trendy retro Puma/Adidas/Converse/etc. type shoes, something that was a little different in color and would not blend in with my collection of white/grey running shoes that I already wear all the time. So I found a pair of blue and white Pumas that I liked, and I mean really blue. So I bought them.
The day I got them was a Monday which is also our contemporary worship band practice. So I wore them. The high school kids were the first to notice them, and they made a couple comments that they liked them. I stuck out my foot and said "They're my Advent shoes..." Because they're blue. And that's the liturgical color for Advent. And I'm a church nerd. So there you have it.
The kids laughed. Supervising laughed. He mentioned that I should wear them on Sunday, and that he wears liturgically colored sweaters for our contemporary service (which I think is because we don't vest, so he doesn't wear stoles, so with a colored sweater he can still wear the appropriate color for the season... I think he's a church nerd, too). So I said I was going to, and not just for the contemporary service.
Well... I talked big game, but I was unsure as to whether or not I should wear them. You see I have some insecurities (what?!? me?!? insecurities?!? surely i mean someone else...) and a lot of these insecurities have to do with how young I look and, because of that, how seriously people take me. I wondered if wearing blue shoes underneath my big, white alb would be a good thing... But tonight for worship I went ahead and wore them. Nervous the whole time, mind you. But afterwards I heard several comments like "Snazzy shoes," and a couple of the high school kids said "We really love your shoes!" and one guy asked me "Are you running from someone?" and, confused, I walked right into it and asked "Why?" "Well, cuz you left your running shoes on! Hyuk hyuk hyuk!" So people's comments led into Supervising's wife launching into a story about a pastor who had a pair of horrible red pants he had bought at a thrift store that he wore every Pentecost Sunday. Then as we were heading back to the offices she said "Well, now you need a pair of white ones for Christmas." To which I replied "Well, I already have a green pair."
So overall I think it went over well, and I might continue with it. I mean, I don't get to wear a stole yet, so why shouldn't I be able to wear something that celebrates the season of the church year? So I'm gonna.

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