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Sunday, December 19, 2004


Christ doesn't come at Christmas

Christ is present everyday!! And he made himself abundantly clear at my house this morning. Because of the upcoming Christmas program, all forms of Sunday School were cancelled today. That means that 6th, 7th and 8th grade confirmation was cancelled, and senior high sunday school was cancelled. Well, Supervising's daughter who is one of the high school sunday school teachers asked if I wanted a Christmas tree, because her family had an extra artificial tree and would be willing to put it up in my house. She also thought that would give the high schoolers something to do - they could come over and decorate it during the Sunday school hour. She offered to make cinnamon rolls.
So now I have this 6 foot artificial Christmas tree in my family room. It has the large colored lights on it (just like our Christmas tree growing up) and a bunch of ornaments. Some of the kids handmade some (there's a sheep, and a turtle and Rudolph's head) and even a parent made one (she took the white collar insert from her son's West Point uniform and colored it to look like a clerical collar), and then there are colored bulbs that the kids wrote their names on and such. One particular bulb says "Jesus taught us not to lie." which is a phrase I have used on occasion with the high schoolers.
So it was nice to go from having zero Christmas decorations (with every intention to get some to decorate, but just never doing it) to having a great tree with meaningful and memorable decorations on it. It is times like these that I realize God has definitely called me to be where I am at for a reason.
Thanks, God.

(you may have noticed there was no letter to Mr Yushchenko today... I think I'm done with that nonsense :)

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