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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


new purchase

Below is a picture of the new "pastor coat" that I bought today.

new pastor coat Posted by Hello

Here is the story behind my purchasing this coat. It was kind of on a whim, sitting in my office today, I decided that I was going to go buy a fancy new "pastor coat." You see, I had helped at a funeral a number of weeks ago now, and realized that I didn't have a nice "pastor coat" to wear to the cemetery. So I put on a black sweater over my clerical shirt, and then my suit jacket on top of the sweater. I figured that would offer enough insulation and I wouldn't have to go to the cemetery in my Columbia winter coat. Well, I nearly froze to death at the funeral. It was cold and windy and the cold wind cut right through that suit jacket and sweater.

I nearly died. [and dying, when you're supposed to be helping AT A FUNERAL is really considered to be in poor taste]

So expectedly, but suddenly, one of our parishioners passed away either yesterday or early today. And I knew that her funeral would be coming up soon. And I didn't want to suffer from extreme hypothermia at the cemetery. And I had just recently gotten paid, with a Christmas bonus, so I decided to drive into the big city and pick up a new "pastor coat." And the "pastor coat" pictured above is the coat that I purchased. I like to think I look better in it than that mannequin does. First, because I have arms. And second, I have a head. And third, well... I'm not a mannequin. I had thought about getting a double breasted "pastor coat" but when you have monkey arms, as I do, you are appreciative for any coat that doesn't stop with inches yet to go before the sleeves reach your wrists. So I purchased this new "pastor coat." And I'll get to try it out for the first time on Monday, granted for unfortunate circumstances. But at least I'll stay warm. AND LOOK FANCY!!!!!!

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