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Friday, December 24, 2004


tis the season

Oh, how I remember Christmas growing up. It seemed as if things just stopped. School was done for the year. Even Sunday School took a break. There was just so much free time to sit, and sleep, and watch Charlie Brown Christmas specials on tv. It was a great time of year.

I think if I knew then what I know now, I would have enjoyed those times much more differently. I would have clutched on to them tightly and enjoyed every last free moment.

Because it is now Christmas eve. I think this past week I have put in more hours of work than the previous three months combined. I feel as if I am constantly at the church, planning, writing, working, meeting... I think I chose THE profession where holidays (which are normally times to relax and enjoy family) are the busiest days. Christmas? Oh yeah, we have four services in 48 hours. Easter? Five services in about the same span of time (and one being at SIX IN THE MORNING!!!). Not that I should complain. I mean, I really enjoy the work that I'm doing most days. It just can get a bit overwhelming when you're in the midst of an extremely busy week and you have two different sermons to preach on two consecutive days. Not to mention all of the usual duties that you are still expected to fulfill.

Anyway, I should probably go and continue working on my sermon for Sunday. As soon as I get that done this marathon of a holiday will seem that much more enjoyable. And then, after Sunday, we get the amazing lull between Christmas and New Years. And I keep telling myself that if I can hold out for that break, then things will slow down and the world will all be right.

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas. And if I don't die in the midst of this crazy time I shall return with my usual combination of wit and wisdom... Or at least my more usual combination of random and crap. God bless!!!

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