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Friday, December 17, 2004


troubled and disturbed

Dear Mr Yushchenko,
It is Friday night. In my life prior to internship, Fridays were spent at the local pub, at the local coffee shop, at the local 24 hour pancake house, at a friend's house sharing adult beverages... basically doing something with someone at someplace other than my room. Basically the antithesis of what my Friday nights are like now. But placing all bitterness aside, it was probably a good thing that I didn't have anything going on this evening because my sermon for this weekend was not finished. So I decided I needed to work on that some. I also thought that I would watch a movie. That is where the troubled and disturbed part comes in...
The movie I decided to watch was "Donnie Darko." I'd heard about it, and that supposedly it was a cult classic, and really helped jumpstart Jake Gylenhaal's (or however you spell that last name)acting career. After watching it, mainly what I want to say is "What the %@$#?!?" That movie was freakin' weird. First of all, Patrick Swayze is in it (need I say more). Second, Noah Wyle and Drew Barrymore are in it but both only have small parts. Third, one of the characters is this person in a horribly demonic looking bunny suit named Frank. I think there was a plot, but I'm guessing you have to be smarter than me to understand what that plot was. Weird, weird, weird....
In other news, my sermon is just about done. I just have to figure out an ending. And I already have that started. But I've been finding that it has been helpful to write in spurts. I'll write a little, do something else, come back and write a little more, then do something else. not sure that this information is important to anyone outside of me, but realized i'm just kind of rambling at this point. So I should probably think about going to bed and finishing my sermon in the morning. It's not like I have that much more to do, and I've already read it aloud like 57 times and that's not much of an exaggeration. I think I'm going to go before I allow myself to type anymore boring nonsense.
good night

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