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Monday, January 31, 2005


all i can say is "holy flaming crap balls"

Since I started this blog, I have become aware of some other blogs that are out there. Some I know reach theological heights that I can't, or at least don't, on a day-to-day basis. Others share non-obviously/blatantly theological insights about their day and their parenting skills (or lack thereof). And there are others that are nestled somewhere in between. I would like to think mine is one of those, sharing fun experiences that occur (like raccoon roadkill or furnace room crawlspaces) mixed with some random theological insights.
One in particular that I have gotten into the habit of checking daily (or sometimes more often, since I seem to have a shortage of a social life since beginning internship) is pomomusings, by a student at Princeton Theological Seminary.
Adam (that's his name, and since he doesn't feel the need to protect his identity on his website, I don't feel the need to protect it here, so there will be no name in quotation marks) posted a picture on his blog, with a hookah and some bottles of random types of alcohol. The title of the picture was "I Love Seminary." I think most seminarians that I know of would smile and chuckle at this picture, realizing that at least the drinking part is a reality of many peoples' seminary experience. Well, this poor guy received horrible comments, some questioning his character as a person or future minister because he was "glorifying" the use of alcohol and tobacco products. why not check it out yourself, and that way - if you didn't know - you can also figure out what a hookah (or as he calls it a sheeshah) is, too. click here. And I'm not a big commenter on other peoples' blogs, they could go for days and days and not have any idea that I was reading what they had to say. But I felt the need to comment, basically just saying give the poor guy a break. All these people come with their judgmental, holier-than-thou attitudes (and yes, i'm aware that i am guilty of it, as well... probably even in calling their attitudes judgmental and holier than thou... LEAVE ME ALONE!!!) saying comments like
i'm sorry, but that picture is just sad and is an example of how relativistic our future church leaders are becoming.
Perhaps this is where your readers are at... but you're in grad school, Adam, and seminary to boot. Maybe its time to reconsider how you conceptualize where you're at and what you are doing here.
And you just want to say something like... Well, go read my comment that I left and that's close to what I'd want to say.
So yeah, in solidarity with Adam, I am going to post a picture of booze on my blog, too. So take that!

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