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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


help me to understand

Perhaps this will just be another story to show my ineptitude in the ways of retail (much like my confusion as to a four piece cookware set including two pans and two lids) or perhaps my indignance in this instance is indeed warranted. I suppose it is up to you, my faithful readers, to decide.
I went to JCPenneys today, to look at the sweaters. As I walked to where they normally are I was a bit confused and thought that maybe I took a wrong turn. But no. I was in the right place. But the sweaters had been replaced. WITH SHORTS! It is January. It has not even been winter for a full month yet. We still have several more months of potential winter, followed by spring which has not been unknown to bring more cold weather and snow. Summer is not imminent. Why are there shorts?
Maybe just one rack of shorts? NO! There was a rack of cargo shorts, a rack of board shorts, a rack of fake cut off khaki shorts... I think you get the idea. So yes, I stood there perplexed by the fact that they were selling shorts. I mean, I'm still in the market for sweaters and stocking caps and WARM CLOTHES. Warm clothes that HELP PREVENT ME FROM GETTING FROSTBITE IN THE FREEZING WEATHER! We still have several inches of snow on the ground! Who wants to wear shorts in that kind of weather? It's just beyond me.
The one good thing was that sweaters were then on clearance racks. So I bought a normally $40 sweater for only $15.99. I told myself that by buying that sweater, it wasn't like I spent $16, it was more like I saved $24.
Then I went home. With my new sweater. To my house WHICH STILL HAS THE HEAT ON.

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