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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Pastor Chic

Today's selection is none other than the clergy polo shirt. Now I know what you are thinking: Polos are stylish. Clergy shirts are stylish. Therefore it only makes sense that clergy polo shirts must be stylish.
So by that logic, if mustard is tasty, and chocolate is tasty, then mustard on chocolate must be tasty!
You see, that logic doesn't always hold up (it might for some of you, but if you like mustard and chocolate together, then you, my friend, are just plain nasty). They are two great tastes that just don't go great together.
And I'm afraid that is what we get with the clergy polo shirt, as seen below.

not entirely sure what they're thinking here Posted by Hello

I can understand why it may have seemed like a good idea at the time. Like I said, when I saw the little link to click on it to see what it looked like, I thought for a minute that it might be worth buying. But the minute I saw it, I knew that it was malformed. I knew it was an insult to creation. And really there'd be no shame if, after it was designed, the people decided that it shouldn't be offered to the general public. No shame at all. Just because you've designed something does not mean you need to put it out there. Sometimes, for the greater good of the community, you just need to take a look at something and say "Maybe not."
And the clergy polo shirt, my friends, was one of those times. This was indeed one of those times...

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