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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


weird dreams

So I had some weird dreams the other night. These weird dreams following my last random post will probably bring people to be concerned as to whether or not I am using drugs...

So I was hanging out with the three witch sisters from the television show Charmed (after they got rid of Shannon Doherty and replaced her with that weird chick that used to date Marilyn Manson), and we were in some building, and these demons were trying to get me for some reason. So the three sisters were chanting this spell, but they needed the demons to be in the room for the spell to work. And the demons kept walking in through the wall, and the sisters would start their chanting, and the demons would leave. So the sisters would stop chanting. Then the demons would come back in. So the sisters would start over. Then the demons would leave. It kept going like this until someone suggested they chant the whole spell up to the last word and then when the demons would come in they'd say the last word, and see if that worked. So they did and the demons came back in and they said the word and the demons exploded. Then rapid explosions that sounded like popcorn could be heard coming from outside the building. So it sounded like we vanquished many demons. Well, then some demon started trying to get at me through the television. That's all I remember about that dream. I think I woke up.

dream#2 (same night, MUCH WEIRDER DREAM)
So I had apparently finished my internship here at church. And they were having some sort of celebration for all the interns who had just finished internship. But it was at the church i'm at now. So we were all standing in the lobby/narthex area, waiting to process in for the service. And I was wearing like a kangaroo costume, but without the mask. Others who were being honored that evening were also wearing animal-type costumes without masks. I was excited and couldn't stand still, and I was jumping around and pacing. But I got overheated in my kangaroo outfit and so I needed to lay down on one of the pews. And there was this small girl who was playing with cars or something on the pew I chose to lay down on. She got scared and ran away. That's really all of that dream that I remember. Really sort of wish I remembered more of that one. Seems fun.

Weird dreams. Weird, weird dreams. Sometimes i wonder what's going on in that subconcious of mine. I really do.

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