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Thursday, February 24, 2005


dream a little dream

So I had a dream last night, and it was particularly vivid. I thought that I'd blog about it because I like to remember my dreams, but they also say that your dreams are your subconcious communicating to you.
So in my dream, I think I was a pastor. I don't know for sure, as I didn't do anything officially pastoral in my dream, but I just think I knew that I was. And I was coming home from something at the church to my house, well in MY dream it was MY house but in reality it is my parents' house. When I got there, on the front porch was a young man about 17 years old, sitting down, leaning against the wall. He was someone that, in the dream, I knew but whom I do not in real life. He was dressed in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt, with the hood pulled up over his head. We talked for a minute on the porch, and I invited him in. He was in a weakened state, and I needed to help him up off the ground, and I needed to help keep him balanced as we walked inside. I remember he sat at the dining room table, and I made him a sandwich and some chips. I remember that while he was in my house he had taken his hood off. We were talking all the while, and I don't remember the specifics of the conversation until he mentioned that he was going on a date that evening with his girlfriend, or a girl from school or something, and that he couldn't stay long. I remember wanting to let him know that he could stay at my house and sleep on the couch if he needed to rest, but he said he was fine and needed to go. When he was done eating he got up from the table and seemed in much better shape then when I first saw him on the porch. He thanked me for the food and said that we would talk later, and then he left.
So that was my dream. Now I must be back to work!!!

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