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Sunday, February 13, 2005


[insert your own title here... i'm tapped out]

yesterday: After 5:30 services, we had a going away "wine-get-together" for the son of one of the members in the congregation. He has a degree in enology (with vineyards and winemaking and the like), and for four months he's going to go work in a vineyard and winery in New Zealand. So they had some people over, most were people I knew from church, and then we split into two teams for a New Zealand quiz. Due to obviously biased judging, my team lost. Although we did have 500,000+ points by the end of the game, the scoring judge favored the other team more. Well, that and I often shouted at him that he was biased and the scoring was unfair. Which resulted in some points being taken away from our team, and the obvious underhanded award of the win to the other team. So we all ended up leaving at about 11pm.
cut to today: church at 8am... I rush over to church about 7:35, and we go through the services, I teach 8th grade confirmation (with cheeseball girl), and then I had a small break in the day in which to run home, make my little salsa/sour cream/cream cheese chip dip, and then put some lil smokies and barbeque sauce in a crock pot so that I had appetizers to bring to our first young adult group meeting tonight. So that went off pretty well, we only had six other young adult types show up, but we came up with some good ideas for future events/ministry, so hopefully the next meeting in March will attract a few more and things will steadily pick up from there. Of course they told me I needed to stay after my internship was over, so they had someone to plan the events. Then I had time, after that, to bring my dishes home and get them a little cleaned up, before I had to be back at church for the senior high Bible study. Only had two high school girls show up for that, so we sat around and talked and joked before leaving early. So all-in-all, my day ended earlier than it was originally planned to, but it was still a really long day. But tomorrow is my day off, and JOY OF JOYS will be spent paying bills. YIPPEE FREAKING SKIPPEE!! And I think next week is also the week I get paid, and most of that money will go to bills, as well. I love the life of a poor intern.

In other news, I've been hearing this little voice telling me that I need to go into some sort of social ministry, like with the homeless. I keep telling myself that we'll just wait on that, and that I need to finish one thing at a time, and I'm not quitting seminary to go running off to save the world one year before I get my degree. But today, after Bible study, I came home and turned on the television and it was Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (quite possibly one of my favorite shows that I never get to watch) and this episode they had built a duplex for two homeless families. And I remember sitting there and thinking, "Hmmm... are they trying to tell me something?"
Anyway, I think I'm going to go drink some water and ponder what to do with the rest of my evening for the couple of hours before I go to bed. And just so you know, there IS a reality show on television and I AM NOT watching it. It is Strange Love featuring Brigitte Nielsen and Flava Flav. I REFUSE to lower myself to the level of that show, no offense to those of you who do enjoy it, but I just cannot stand it. (Although I have to be fair and admit that I DID watch the Surreal Life, which was on right before Strange Love...)
Okay, I'm done. Good night!

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