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Sunday, February 20, 2005


i've fallen! and i can't get up!

Okay, so the title of this post is to allude to the fact that I am floored.
I just got done blogging about how I thought my sermon was subpar, I likened it to climbing over a pile of rocks - as an obstacle - more than an opportunity for Gospel ministry. I wasn't sure there was a lot of value to be gleaned from it.
But today, after both Sunday morning worships, I had several people tell me that it was good. In the midst of passing the peace, I was stopped by one of my friends from the young adult group that I'm helping get started, and he said "VERY good sermon this morning!" He's a nice guy, but he's never complimented a sermon before. I had the usual people who feel like they need to tell me everytime that I did a good job, and it's not that I don't appreciate them, but it's when people who don't normally say anything, or who I don't expect to ever say anything, about my sermon make the effort to tell me I did a good job. And there were a couple of them today. So I'm floored, and a bit humbled, that God worked through my words.

And in case you were wondering, during the early service this morning, during the passing of the peace, I made a beeline for "Tom" and shook his hand, and said "Peace be with you!" I'm really trying to be the bigger person here. And it's tough. He read the lessons today, and he always thinks he has to give background (stuff that he knows or has come up with) about each reading. And then I thought that he was reading with a little more emphasis than normal. Like it was almost comical or cartoony in a way. And the mean little voice was sitting in the back of my head saying things like "He wants you to read like THAT? Just let him do it and be the buffoon by himself." But I did my best to silence that little voice and to listen to the lessons. I thought that if I focused too much on that voice, then it kind of shoots to hell all the work I've done in trying to do the right thing, the Christian thing.

Our church had Sunday School Bowling today, and so I went to the bowling alley to mingle and watch. I spent the last 30-45 minutes talking with a 3rd grade boy who was a large chunk of hyper in bowling shoes. Had a great time. And I got to help one of the cutest 4 year old girls in the world bowl a couple rounds.

All in all, a very good day!

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