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Friday, February 11, 2005


oh how my popularity wanes

Well, it was inevitable. After that whole brouhaha revolving around the picture of alcohol and my comment on someone else's blog, and then him referring to my blog, with a link, and then visitors to my blog reached an all time high... I think 40 in one day... and then, slowly, things have returned to normal. And my blog has become, once again, like that little diner that attracts the "regular crowd," and most people just kind of drive by, and barely notice that it's there.
Of course, it could be that I have recently been sick, and so my commenting has been random and sporadic, and I haven't posted the usual of at least once a day. But then again, things haven't been that exciting lately, either. And things haven't been that easy to blow out of proportion, which is really where I get most of my material for my blog, anyway. Even the turkeys have been scarce, so they haven't chased me, or been chased by me, or stood outside the front door of the church cursing at people who were trying to get in. I was sick a week ago Tuesday, and so I couldn't go to the last Lutheran Men in Mission breakfast, so I have no stories to relate of those loveable old curmudgeons. I haven't had to do any funerals since the last two, so there's no reason for me to freak out about something like that, either. So really, it's just been kind of a boring "get ready for the weekend" sort of week.
Although the one bit of blog-worthy news is that February marks my sixth month of internship, which means I am over the hump and on the downhill slope. Six months from today I'll be blogging about getting ready to go back to seminary, and the insanity that comes with packing and saying goodbye to the people I've grown attached to here... although I am extremely looking forward to the boost to my social life that moving back to seminary will provide.
Oh yeah, and next month is my one year blog-iversary. As of March, I will have been a blogger for a WHOLE YEAR!!! It's FANTASTIC! Maybe I'll promise to have my one year blog party, just like I've promised to have my 200 and 1000 visitor blog parties, and then they haven't ever shown up on my blog. Although the post for my 1000th visitor blog party, affectionately called the "Blogstravaganza" is still saved in draft form on my blog. I have yet to finish it. And I'm lacking the motivation. Anyway, I have some fried cheese to finish eating, so I will blog to you all later.

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