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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


to whom it may concern;

i am, indeed, still alive. I think it is safe to say that I have finally recovered from a sickness that (pardon my french) KICKED MY ASS! I pride myself in a fairly high immune system, and I don't get sick too often, but this time laid me flat. I was out of commission for several days, and spent some quality time with the porcelain god.
But things are better, and I've been to work for TWO FULL DAYS, and did three Ash Wednesday services today (including one at 7FREAKIN'INTHEMORNING! Which I think is just way too early to be about doing anything other than sleeping...).
Not a whole lot of excitement, because it's hard to come about anything exciting when one's life is spent on the couch and in the bathroom and in the space somewhere between the two.
So when I was sick, I had been waking up at intervals throughout the night and thinking "Man, I feel like crap." and then tossing and turning for a while before falling back to sleep, only to wake up at about 5 in the morning with the urge to purge. So I figured last night I would circumvent all of that and take some nyquil to get rid of the flu-like symptoms and allow myself a good night's sleep. So I took some at about 9:30 last night and by 10 I was feeling as if I was wrapped in a fine layer of fuzz. So I figured that was a good time to go to bed. I did wake up several times throughout the night, but most of my time was spent thinking "Am I floating?" So I got a pretty good nights sleep, but it was still a medicated sleep, and not as refreshing as a real night o' sleep. So hopefully tonight I will be able to go to bed sans medication and get a good rest-full sleep.
Anyway, now that I have significantly bored everyone, I will sign off for the evening. Hopefully my entries will once again rise to the sub-par quality that they had once achieved prior to my illness.

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