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Friday, February 04, 2005


what, exactly, is my damage?

So as I mentioned in the last post, I have been kinda laid up the past couple of days. I have missed work more than I've been there, this week... Monday was my day off, and I was feeling fine. Tuesday I woke up and felt questionable, and I called church and said I'd be a little late. So I came in after lunch and tried to make it through the day, but ended up taking some work home, and came over later that evening to lead Bible Study for one of the women's groups. Wednesday I was better and spent a full day at work. Thursday I woke up a little after 5 and spent the first portion of my day in the bathroom having a conversation with the toilet... I won't expand on that anymore. So I called in sick to work and grabbed my comforter and pillow and trudged down to the couch and spent most of my day there. By Thursday evening I was feeling better, and figured that I would be going into work on Friday morning. Well, different day - same routine. I woke up at about the same time, and spent about the same amount of time in the bathroom. Although I did make more visits to the bathroom today. But finally about 5pm or so this evening I thought I was finally feeling better. So I decided to go take a shower and wash the sick off. So as I was stumbling around my room I noticed the light on in the top floor of the church next door and several 7th graders racing around the youth room. "Oh yeah," I thought to myself. "It's the weekend of the 7th grade retreat, where I'm supposed to talk about the significance of the Passover." So as I showered I debated in my head whether I should just hang out at home and finish getting better or go over to the church and fulfill my duties for the evening. Well, that darn thing called guilt got to me, and so I walked over to the church to do my part... Wasn't sure it was the smartest thing to do as I trudged across the driveway, but I'm back and I survived. I even ate a couple of Gardettos, but not before thinking "You might seriously regret this in a few moments." But I managed to be okay. And I still am. I think I might even have it within me to lead worship and preach tomorrow evening. If I finish the sermon. So I should probably stop blogging and continue working on that. That would be the logical thing to do. But I've never been known for being logical. Why start now?

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