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Friday, March 25, 2005


am i progressive enough for the progressive club?

yesterday, i visited The Progressive Christian Blogger Network. It's a network of Christian bloggers who consider themselves to be progressive. I consider myself to be fairly progressive, so I thought why not submit my blog to the list? I don't know if there are any requirements that you need to fulfill on your blog to become a member, but I was looking at several of the blogs that do belong and they spend a lot of time talking about political issues and the "emergent church." I looked over past posts, and I talk about grumpy old men and roving bands of turkeys. Am I progressive enough for the progressive club?
Anyway, I was looking at the website for the Center for Progressive Christianity, and they have 8 points that define what they mean when they call themselves Progressive Christians. Adam, over at Pomomusings, has decided to blog about each point over the next few weeks. I think that sounds like a swell idea, so I thought that (when I have more time) I might begin blogging about the eight points as well (although, rest assured I will still include posts about grumpy old men, roving bands of turkeys, vocationally challenged young men, and my thoughts as my Supervising Pastor goes to seminary to meet next year's intern [I'm not sure I'm a big fan of that, at this point]) but I thought that it would be good to look at these eight points and see if I really should/do/can consider myself a "progressive Christian." But now I need to get to work.

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