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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


And God asked, "Who shall I call to dawdle, and who will procrastinate for me?"

And I said, "Here am I, Lord! Send me.... but not right now."

Some of my best blogging comes out of the times that I should be working [editor's note: that being said, do not get your hopes up for an exceedingly high quality post. That would just be ultimately setting yourself up for disappointment]. It's not like I have anything extremely pressing. I preach at BOTH lenten services tomorrow, but it's the same sermon at both. And I've already written the sermon that I should be preaching tomorrow. The only thing is, I'm not entirely happy with that sermon. Like it's an extremely short, not well written sermon. So I really should be focusing on shaping it up, adding some bulk, making it better. But it's that whole lacking the drive to get started on it. I know that it's there, and needs to be done (or redone, I should say), but so many other things seem much more enjoyable right now.
In other news, I drove back to the nearby city in which the ordination was held, to have lunch with a former fellow seminarian, and I found a Caribou Coffee. I was very excited. I'm not sure how widespread Caribou Coffees are, but the first one I experienced was with my friends in Minnesota. So Caribou Coffee shops make me think of them. So I will probably be making frequent trips to this city to enjoy the glory that is Caribou Coffee. Have I ever told you that I am overly sentimental? Because I am.
Anyway, not only is it lunch time, but I really should focus on my sermon. Because I have a shorter work day today because I'M GOING TO A CHICAGO BULLS GAME! And I am excited about that. So I will end this random, rambling, remedial blog entry for now. God bless!!

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