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Saturday, March 12, 2005


and they're off!!

The weekend has started. If I can just make it through these two days, I will be fine. I'd be a lot more at ease if I had all day today (Saturday) to get ready before the worship service at 5:30. No such luck. We have a synod-wide event that I've already signed up for and for which the church has already paid my registration fee. So I will be there from 9 until 3 today. Then I have to come back home, iron my pants, finish getting ready for worship, make sure everything is as it should be so that nothing gets forgotten or left out, then do worship. Then it's not like I even get a break Saturday evening. I have to finish the power point presentation for our contemporary service (the liturgy and songs get put up on a big screen... I don't use power point for my sermon) Saturday evening because I won't get a chance Sunday morning. But then, after two services and a confirmation class on Sunday, I will be done. And I've decided that if I make it through alive, and with my sanity, that I will treat myself to lunch somewhere. And then I'm going to go home and sleep until I need to do the senior high Bible study that evening. Then, I'm going to go home and sleep some more. And Monday is my day off, and for that I am rejoicing.
But now I need to go and finish collecting my stuff for the synodical event. I'm bringing a copy of my sermon along, hoping that I'll get some time to go over it some more.
Wish me luck!!

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