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Tuesday, March 01, 2005



That's a fun word. Curmudgeon. But yeah, so today is the first Tuesday of the month, so the Lutheran Men in Mission met for breakfast. I keep telling myself I need to go, but it's hard to get up that early to go sit and listen to "Tom" talk about what he doesn't like, what makes him angry, what he disagrees with... and on and on. But after church on Sunday I had another one of the men who usually comes approach me and tell me that I needed to remember breakfast on Tuesday. So, because he went out of his way to invite me, I decided I needed to go out of my way to get there. And I made it. I was there, and luckily it was the largest turnout that I've seen there. There were five older gentlemen, supervising pastor and myself. And Tom did his usual bit of complaining, but there were enough other people there to keep the conversation generally upbeat and interesting. I really appreciate the men that come to this breakfast. They are a good group of people.
In the midst of the conversation we started talking about the turkeys that hang out near the church, and how they are traffic hazards. They like to stand in the middle of the road, and no amount of traffic or honking seems to deter them. They just stand there and look at you like you're a jerk. Although when a semi was barreling down the road and showing no signs of stopping, and began honking, they quickly moved out of the way. Anyway, it seems that animal control is trying to figure out a way to relocate them to a less hazardous area. I personally don't think it sounds like that hard of a plan, so they should have done it by now. But anyway, they were talking about how in the late spring/summer of last year there were at one time nine turkeys that were hanging around (of course they were much smaller at that time), and one of the men called them a litter of turkeys, but then he knew that wasn't right. So they were trying to figure out what to call it, and there were some words tossed around like flock and gaggle, but we knew those were not right. Because a gaggle is of geese, and a flock is of seagulls with really bad haircuts that required an inordinate amount of aquanet hairspray. Someone thought a baby turkey was a pullet, but then someone said that's actually a name for a hen. So one of the the gentlemen (the man who took on my dryer... it's in a previous post) said that it was my assignment to find out why a hen is called a pullet. Anybody know?

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