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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


holy $#!+ week

so perhaps the title of this entry is teetering towards the sacrilegious side, but it's how i'm feeling right about now. Lots of stuff going on this week, lots of worship services to prepare for, lots of sermons to write, events to plan, Easter breakfasts to get ready for, a service at 6 IN THE MORNING, and today most of my day was spent on the phone, on hold, trying to set up an additional e-mail account through out internet service provider so that I could then send a group e-mail to the young adult types about our Bowl-a-rama coming up, although I couldn't put anything specific in the e-mail because the bowling alley wasn't answering the phone so that I could talk about special group rates and what not. Aargh.
But, to provide some humor, I have been able to watch a man from Animal Control try to herd the turkeys, and then lure them into his pick up truck using birdseed. It has been fun to watch, but on the other hand I have kind of grown attached to those noisy, jerkface birds. I will miss them when they are gone.
Anyway, can't promise that I'll get a whole lot of time to post in the next few days. Services on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday kind of eat up your freetime. While the high schoolers have been rubbing it in, because they get ALL WEEK and then THE FOLLOWING MONDAY off for Easter break. When I was in school, all I got was the Friday before Easter and the Monday after Easter off. It's an injustice really.

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