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Friday, March 18, 2005


random end of the day ramblings

well... i'm not sure how much rambling there will be. As of right now I only have one thing in particular to blog about. But we'll see what I'm able to do with that before I'm finished!
We are having a Saint Patrick's Day dance party for the youth of the church tomorrow. Granted, it is not St Patrick's Day anymore, and definitely won't be at 7:00pm tomorrow evening, but due to school and schedule conflicts and the like, we figured a Friday evening would be the best time to have something for them. Although now some of them are whining because tomorrow is the "Mr. School" pageant, or something like that, which is a non-school affiliated activity (although it's held in the SCHOOL AUDITORIUM) and it's like a high school boy Miss America pageant. Although, apparently, you have to be one of the "cool kids" to be in it, and there's a bathing suit competition and a muscle competition and all that fun stuff. So some of the kids want to go there. I heard this second-hand. None of them said that to me. I would have told them what complete crap that is.
Anyway, I've already gotten off topic of what I wanted to post about. So a couple of us were going to meet over at church this evening to decorate for the dance party. I showed up to help, but really all I ended up doing was run around with one of the women's five year old son. They had one of those flimsy plastic guns that shoots the foam ball attached to a string, and then a "Bun Pincher" which was this plastic gun type thing with a long barrel and pinchers on the end. When you pulled the trigger the pinchers would pinch. So we chased each other through the church and traded off the weapons. It was fun. I wasn't much help with the decorating, although I did tape a few things. But I think I had more fun, by far.

Oh, and in other exciting news I ordered my third pair of liturgically colored shoes online today. So now I have my advent, epiphany/pentecost season, and Pentecost/Reformation Sunday shoes... Well, I'll have the Pentecost/Reformation Sunday shoes soon. For those of you non-church nerds, that means I have a pair of blue [Advent], green [epiphany/pentecost season] and red [Pentecost Sunday/Reformation Sunday] shoes. I had given up on the liturgically appropriate shoes, because it's Lent and I couldn't find a pair of purple shoes, nor do I especially WANT a pair of purple shoes. And now with Easter coming up I'm not that excited about white shoes... they just get dirty and dingy quickly. But I had a man mention that he was kind of disappointed I didn't have my sneakers on one day. And the pastor's wife noticed my green shoes today (which I wore for St Patrick's Day of course) and asked if I had shoes for every season yet. So I was inspired to get a red pair, although it will be BY FAR the shoe I wear the least. But I just couldn't NOT have a red pair of shoes.
Now I seriously need to go to bed.

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