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Thursday, March 24, 2005


take that, responsibility!!!

What should I be doing right now, you ask? Getting ready for our first Maundy Thursday worship service which is at 11:00 this morning. But I wanted to feel as if my life was not being controlled by my list of everything that needs done and is happening this week, so I decided to step away from what I should be doing to take a brief moment to NOT do what I should be doing. I wanted to feel as if my life this week is mine to do with as I please. Because when I look at my calendar and see the large pile of stuff that needs done, I realize that this week that pile of stuff is my life. There is not much time for anything beyond getting ready for the events and worship services of this week, then doing the events and worship services of this week, and then recovering from the events and worship services of this week during those ever so few and brief moments when I will be able to not be doing something.
So, anyway, I think my moment of defiant irresponsibility is over. Or at least it should be over. But I wanted to share with you a comic strip I saw (and printed off) this morning. It's from the comic strip B.C. and it shows one of the cavemen looking at "Wiley's Dictionary" and the word he's looking at is "sermon." and the definition is "An inspired message directed mainly at those who are not in attendance." I thought that was appropriate, because my sermon today is sort of taking a stab at the way people who go to church believe that it is their duty to condemn other people, when really we have been commanded to love one another, regardless of how we feel about them. I mean, Jesus washed Judas' feet and Jesus knew VERY WELL that Judas was going to betray him. And those people that most need to hear that message of love and unconditional acceptance are the ones who are staying away because they're afraid of being condemned.
Anyway, gotta run. And a random aside: I'm starving.

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