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Friday, March 04, 2005


thoughts on peanuts and turkeys

Some of you may remember my previous attempt to feed the roving band of turkeys (or should I say roving RAFTER of turkeys?), and how they snubbed my bread. You may also remember that I vowed that was the last nice thing I would do for them.

Well, that vow has been broken.

They were milling outside of the church yesterday, cursing loudly at people that came too close to them. I went home, because I forgot to put on my watch that morning and was driving myself crazy looking at my wrist every five minutes, and while I was there I grabbed a handful of the peanuts that I bought to feed the mutant gimongous squirrels in my backyard. So I walked back to church and tossed the handful of peanuts to the turkeys. They looked at me skeptically, but they could not resist the peanuts, so when I was a safe distance away, they moved over and began checking them out. They'd pick up the peanut in their mouth, and then drop it. Pick it up and drop it. They knew the peanuts were food, and they wanted to eat this food, but it seemed as if they could not figure out how to get at them. So I watched from the window for a bit, and the pastor's wife and I then went outside to see them. The turkeys had since given up on the peanuts and were just sitting there, looking dejected, amidst the scattered peanuts. The pastor's wife suggested that if someone stepped on the peanuts then the turkeys could probably eat them. So I began picking up the peanuts and cracking open the shells and then tossing the nuts onto the ground. The turkeys were ecstatic and began eating them. Although I think they decided peanuts aren't their favorites because there were quite a few left over. But that was before the gimongous squirrels came over and got a hold of them. Now they're all gone.

But yeah, I figured that grace abounds and even though the turkeys did not eat my bread, they still deserved some benevolence and compassion.

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