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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


weird turn of events

So I ended up procrastinating revising my sermon long enough that I didn't do anything with it before I left for the Chicago Bulls game, yesterday.
Unfortunately, the Bulls lost to the Houston Rockets by a score something like 87 to 117. But Yao Ming was on the Houston Rockets team, and I just couldn't NOT cheer for a 7'6" Chinese man.
But then I got back from the game and was beat (plus it was close to midnight) so I figured I wasn't in much shape to revise my sermon then, so I'd get up early the next day and work on it. So I was up by 6:30 (or a little after) and was over at church working on my sermon before anyone else was at church. I had it revised to my satisfaction by about 9:00, and then I finished up some other things I needed to have done today. So, really, I have nothing that NEEDS to be done right now. It's kind of weird.
In my sermon today, however, I had a line in it that talks about how it is Jesus who determines who gets into heaven or not, and no one else. And I purposely looked at my good friend "Tom" when I said it. Not in a accusatory glaring kind of way. Although I'm not sure he wouldn't have deserved an accusatory glare. I just didn't give him one.
In other news, I've been checking out the webpage of the local community college. I think I want to take a Spanish course there. And I am already too late to register for the spring semester, but they offer summer courses, and I'm guessing summer will be a lot more relaxed than, oh, say RIGHT NOW in the life of the church. Plus it will be getting close to my time to leave my internship, and things will be winding down on that front, and then I will be able to give a little more time to advancing my Spanish skills, which aren't too much to speak of. Although I can sing the first line to the song "De Colores," and give you some idea of what I'm singing. Oh, and "Jesus Loves Me" in Spanish, too. But they haven't put up their summer schedule yet. I guess they figure that early March is too far from the summer for people to be concerned about it. But I'll just have to remember to keep checking the webpage to see when they post a schedule... Or I could be extremely proactive (and out of character) and actually call the school to see if they have the summer schedule set up, and just not posted. That would be a novel idea.
Sometimes, after I'm done typing a blog entry, I go back to the beginning and reread what I've written and think, "Gee... that is definitely NOT what I thought I was going to write about."
Oh, here's a bit of randomness. I had this idea of collecting rocks from different camps that I visited last summer, and I stuck one in my backpack and forgot about it. Well, I used my backpack the other day, so I took the rock out and set it on top of my dresser. So this morning, I grabbed my pair of dress pants (that I also had laying on top of the dresser) and put them on, thinking the whole while they were a bit heavy. The rock had migrated to my pocket during its time on the dresser. I thought that was weird. So I took the rock out and put it back on the dresser. We'll have to see where it ends up next. If it ends up somewhere other than the top of the dresser, say under my pillow or somewhere like that, I'm totally moving to a new house.

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